Accelerate your disadvantaged pupils reading progress by up to 96%

Accelerate your disadvantaged pupils reading progress by up to 96%

It was recently reported that the attainment gap between disadvantaged primary school pupils and their peers has widened to its greatest level in 10 years. Disadvantaged children’s growth remained stagnant at 62%, while pupils not considered as such saw their growth increase from 78% to 80%. This harrowing statistic shows the full extent of covid’s impact on the children most in need.

Supporting pupil premium eligible children

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To further test the efficacy of our online reading development programme Reading Plus and provide leaders with current evidence-based research, we collaborated with Derby Research School and Spencer Academies Trust in a controlled study over the academic year 2021/22. In contrast to the national picture, we found that disadvantaged pupils made exceptional progress when given access to the programme. In their 2022 Reading SATs, their scores were equal to all other pupils not considered disadvantaged, SEN or EAL.

Summary of pupil premium results

  • Pupil premium eligible children using Reading Plus made 96% more progress than those in the control schools.
  • Average test scores for the Pupil Premium eligible pupils in the control schools increased by 22% from the first (September 21) to the final SATs test (May 22). Average test scores for Reading Plus pupil premium eligible pupils increased by 68% during the same period.

Read the full study here.

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