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Arun’s reading journey with Reading Plus




Meet student Arun

Arun is behind year-level expectations in reading.

He is a slow reader, and because of this, he struggles with his stamina. His slow pace, poor stamina, and low vocabulary mean he doesn’t enjoy reading. 

In September, Arun’s school purchased Reading Plus to help improve students’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Reading Plus is an online adaptive reading development programme. It is designed to accelerate reading progress and close the reading gap.

What is Reading Plus?

Arun uses Reading Plus for 3 x 30-minute sessions each week

During these sessions, Arun completes five reading and one vocabulary task each week to develop his reading skills and word knowledge.

Students are able to take control and maintain accountability for their progress as they can see at a glance their reading progress and goals within their own dashboard.

Starting Reading Plus with a clear, logical, and well-specified plan is the key to sustainable and scalable programme implementation. Schools will be provided with a bespoke implementation plan personalised for your students and a structured staff training plan.

How is Reading Plus implemented in school?

How does Reading Plus support fluency and improve inefficient reading?

Students who need to develop their reading fluency will typically see text presented using the patented Reading Plus Guided Window.

Reading Plus uses the  Guided Window to support the development of reading fluency. This scaffolds the reading experience by guiding the reader’s eyes left-to-right across a page utilising a moving box. The speed is specific to each student and increases when the student demonstrates mastery.

This scaffold changes how students approach the text while gradually and effectively increasing the rate at which they can read it with good comprehension and stamina.

This moving box which guides Arun’s eyes across a page of text bespoke to his reading speed, will develop his fluency and stamina.

Learn more about the Reading Plus Guided Window

Arun has access to over 1200 age-appropriate texts

The texts are between 500-2,500 words and test their deeper understanding with ten questions after each selection. Each lesson can be completed in 15 minutes, and students can see their scores instantly.

The eight text categories students will encounter when using Reading Plus are:

  • Personal Journey.
  • Earth.
  • Heroes & Trailblazers.
  • Mystery & Adventure.
  • Art & Culture.
  • How Things Work.
  • Time Machine.
  • Get in the Game.

Each text includes rigorous questions in various formats to test comprehension skills. Critical year-appropriate academic vocabulary is seamlessly incorporated into every text.

As Arun advances through the programme, he encounters a staircase of steadily increasing vocabulary complexity and sentence length, ensuring that he engages with texts that are appropriate for his reading ability.

By May, through regular use of Reading Plus, Arun’s reading skills have improved.

How does Reading Plus data identify students’ reading gaps?

The Screening Report on Reading Plus groups students by instructional needs to determine which students need comprehension, vocabulary, and silent reading rate development support. Teachers can easily see which students will likely finish and pass the SATs paper and which students need additional support. Reading Plus adapts to individuals’ needs and provides intervention resources for teachers to use.



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