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Are your pupils struggling with reading stamina? Find out how Front Street Primary resolved their issues with Reading Plus

Martyn Kelly, Deputy Head Teacher at Front Street Primary School tells us how Reading Plus has improved reading fluency and comprehension amongst KS2 pupils and has helped prepare Year 6 for the Reading Comprehension SAT.

Why were you looking for a reading solution?

We recognised that many pupils struggled with reading stamina. By Year 6, it became an issue when preparing the children for the Reading Comprehension SAT.

We also found that our reading engagement needed to reach out to more children. Those who were fluent readers chose to read, but many did not, so we wanted to increase engagement.

Piloting Reading Plus

We were offered a free pilot for our Year 6 pupils, which allowed us time to test its impact and engagement. The programme seemed interesting and something ‘fresh’ to revamp one of our many approaches to reading, so we got a license for this year group.

After SATs and after we had seen a noticeable difference in comprehension levels – particularly for our poorer reader thanks to Reading Plus – we then shifted the focus to pupils eligible for pupil premium and Year 5 pupils and as such in subsequent years, we purchased further licenses.

How was the implementation process?

Everything was set up and managed for us by the team at Reading Solutions UK. Our biggest problem was creating usernames and permissions linked to GDPR; however, these were sorted out quickly and a solution was given to help overcome these.

Support from our Customer Support Team

The regular reports and updates are valuable. Our Reading Development Consultant has always been available via email or phone and has visited the school to launch the assessment session.

Used as an intervention tool

Children enjoy using Reading Plus and often ask if they can use Reading Plus within school time. Our Year 6 children come into school at 8.30 am for Reading Plus intervention sessions. For other groups, we plan the use of Reading Plus across the day.

Using data for targeted support

The data Reading Plus provides is very useful. Reports are used by teachers and teaching assistants to identify pupils who need intervention. We then tailor intervention based on the reading needs of the child.

The reporting data is also used and shared in pupil progress meetings and helps to identify children who need targeted support.

Improving reading comprehension

We have always had competent and fluent readers at Front Street. Comprehension continues to improve, whilst at the same time, remains a focus.

We have seen the biggest impact with Reading Plus on our prior lower attaining readers (and pupils eligible for pupil premium). It also means that children have a great diet of reading at Front Street and we can be even more ‘language’ focussed during guided reading lessons and really build on teaching the skills of comprehension.

Helping children to reach their reading potential

We are not leaving lost learning to chance and have assumed that all children should have access to quality reading both with physical books and via a digital platform. We provide our children with every possible opportunity to maximise their attainment and progress in reading. Reading Plus will enrich our overall school approach to reading alongside quality teaching of comprehension, reading skills, and reading for pleasure – to instil a real love of reading amongst our children.

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