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Want to improve students' reading fluency? Discover how Sankey Valley St James CE Primary School did this using Reading Plus

Year 6 Class Teacher from Sankey Valley St James CE Primary School, and the students themselves, share how Reading Plus is improving reading fluency at their school in an enjoyable and rewarding way.

After purchasing Reading Plus on recommendation from another local school in Warrington, Sankey Valley St James CE Primary School is now recommending it to others. With its ease of use, extensive data collection, and the range of texts offered, teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoy using the programme.

School requirements  

To improve:

  • Fluency
  • Reading pace
  • Home and school access to texts

Why Reading Plus?

Reading engagement was high as children enjoyed it; however, they didn’t have access to online learning at home or during the school day, which limited their improvement. Reading Plus provided this access.

The positive impact of Reading Plus

After using Reading Plus, reading levels in the school have greatly improved, and we have noticed a significant difference in the pace of our children’s reading. Our Year 6 children access Reading Plus at home and benefit from the variety of text. They also enjoy the vocabulary activities.

Rewarding pupils

We have a weekly competition for pupils to aim to score 80% or above comprehension with their reading tasks on Reading Plus, which truly motivates them. We reward the children with class’ Dojo Points’ – our school’s reward system.

When I asked pupils if Reading Plus is easy to use, they all replied yes. They also said:

  • “There is a variety of books to choose from, and they are all exciting.”
  • “It teaches you a lot, and you can learn at home and at school.”
  • “I use it for my homework and sometimes for fun.”
  • “I like getting the certificates which our teacher prints for us.”
  • “I like to challenge myself and see how many times I can get above 80% and earn Dojos.”

Teacher enjoyment

What I like most about the programme are its monitoring of children’s reading progress, the accurate assessments, and the fact that it is easy to navigate, manage and use.

The implementation process was straightforward. Our Reading Development Consultant Clair and the Customer Support Team were helpful.

Reliable support

The level of support was fantastic. Clair answered all our questions and delivered excellent online training.

I  email the support team often, who promptly reply and are willing to go above and beyond. All our queries are always answered efficiently.

Benefits of Reading Plus’ data collection

The Insight Assessment (initial baseline) feature is brilliant. We plan our interventions around this. We deliver interventions for lower and high-attaining children and those below the expected level.

How Reading Plus helps children reach their potential

We have thoroughly enjoyed using Reading Plus in our school. It has engaged the children and improved their reading progress. We would definitely recommend it.

When I asked pupils if Reading Plus had helped improve their reading, they replied:

  • “Yes. I find reading tests easier now.”
  • “Yes. I feel more confident now.”
  • “I like the visual skills and vocabulary tasks. I feel like I have learnt and can now understand many new words. I feel more confident when completing a reading test and can answer more questions. I really enjoy using Reading Plus.”


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