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Charlotte's Reading Plus text review

Meet Charlotte

We’re delighted to introduce one of our Reading Plus Champions, Year 6 pupil Charlotte from Ribbon Academy.

Charlotte’s teacher, Kim Flower, nominated her for the role and shared with us:

“Charlotte’s commitment to reading is beautiful to see – particularly since she reads more for pleasure too. She is an absolute role model to Ribbon Academy.  We are so proud of her!”

The role of Champions

At Reading Solutions UK, we are devoted to accelerating reading progress while instilling a love for reading in our students. One way in which we do this is by appointing Reading Plus Champions who have the opportunity to complete additional exciting tasks, including:

  • Reviewing new (and unseen!) texts to be added to Reading Plus.
  • Sharing their experience of Reading Plus in a blog titled ‘My Reading Plus Journey’.
  • Collaborating with us on interviews with children’s authors.

We’re delighted to publish Charlotte’s review of Reading Plus text Lola – which she rated 10/10!

“It’s amazing and I would definitely recommend it to people!”


What is the text about?

A girl called Lola meets back up with her family she hasn’t seen for a while. Also, her and Tony sit with each other and have fun together at the end while the rest of their family are outside talking.


Who is your favourite character? Why?

Tony is my favourite character because she is trying to learn to speak Tagalog just because her great-grandmother was coming over to be able to understand her.


What was your favourite part of the text?

When they all reunite with Lola because they all get excited and are happy to see her again.


Did you learn any new facts?

I learnt that people from the Philippines speak Tagalog – at first I didn’t know that.


Did you learn any new words?
  • Tagalog – a language spoken by people from the Philippines.
  • Leche flan – a Filipino pudding.
  • Mabuhay – ‘welcome’ in Tagalog.
  • Salamat – ‘thank you’ in Tagalog.
  • Hibiscus – a type of flower.


Did you find the text challenging?

Not really. All the words were easy to pronounce at it was an amazing text.


What would you say to a friend looking to read this text?

It has a lot of new words in and is very joyful.

Improve students' cultural capital

Reading Solutions UK is dedicated to providing students with a diverse content library depicting a wide range of experiences, celebrating the diversity of people and cultures, and meeting their emotional and academic needs and interests.

The quality of rich and engaging texts on Reading Plus is continually assessed to provide a holistic reading experience for students. Over 1,200 informational, fiction and non-fiction texts are available for students to self-select.

“Our pupils have a very low cultural capital, and when Ofsted came to visit, they liked Reading Plus because the texts broadened pupils’ understanding.”

Hannah James, English and KS2 Lead, New Road Primary

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