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Reading Plus texts supporting Children's Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024 is here!

Place2Be founded Children’s Mental Health Week UK in 2015 to raise awareness about children’s mental health and well-being. Their mission is to equip children with the tools to empower themselves and use their voices.

Reading Solutions UK is equally committed to empowering children and young people. Our adaptive, online reading development programme, Reading Plus, is proven to accelerate reading progress, and as a consequence of this, many students foster a love for reading and enjoy reading for pleasure.

“Reading Plus improved my life, making me want to read just for the pleasure of doing so.”

Fatma, a Reading Plus student from Safa British School, Dubai.

Research suggests that reading significantly improves children’s mental health and well-being. The most recent National Literacy Trust ‘Reading for mental wellbeing’ report shared:

“Children and young people who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental well-being than children who
are the least engaged.” (Clark & Teravainen-Goff, 2018)

“People who love reading should have a chance to use Reading Plus because it is really fun and helps boost your confidence.”

Feranmi, a Reading Plus student from Estcourt Primary Academy.


To enhance this, Reading Plus’s diverse and engaging library of over 1,200 texts include many stories dedicated to helping children handle and understand emotions.

Here are a select few, including their blurb:



  • Your Heart – Level Pre-A


Your heart may be small in size. But it has a very big job to do. It gives your body power!


  • Grandma’s Box – Level HiC


Identifying emotions and analysing how to respond to them is an important part of overcoming difficult situations. Karla is upset about Grandma’s illness. Can Karla find a way to make her and her family happy again?


  • My Mindful Day – Level Pre-A


Can you train your mind to relax and focus? Yes! It will make you feel peaceful.

  • What Makes a Friend? – Level C


James is sad. Pete is angry. Alice is upset. It’s a good thing they have friends who can help them!


  • Dancing in the Moonlight – Level K


After a serious football injury, Sam gets a highly trained monkey that not only assists him physically but helps him emotionally.


  •  The Apple Seller’s Tale – Level HiC


An apple seller tells a tale about a time when the world was full of fear and darkness, yet some kindness was found in the most unlikely of places.


  • The South Side’s Superstar – Level H


Self-awareness is about recognising your emotions and understanding how they influence your behaviour. This selection reveals a lot about Michelle Obama as it follows the years of her life at Princeton University and Harvard Law School. What role did self-awareness play in Michelle Obama’s life during this time?


  • Siddhartha’s Journey – Level I


Self-management is the ability to manage your thoughts and feelings, cope with stress, and think about the way you act or behave in different situations. How do Buddhists think about stress, emotions, or self-discipline? Why is thinking about this important in Buddhism?


  • New House – Pre-A


A boy finds out his family is moving to a new house. Is he happy about the move?

  •  Kristen and Maya – Level B


Sometimes we can feel a certain way about someone, and what we feel may not be true. Maya. Maya. Maya. That’s all Kristen hears from her Gramma. She’s sick of it!


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