Meet Murron, age 9, our Star of the Month May winner

Congratulations to Murron, age 9, from Hudson Road Primary School who is our Star of the Month for May.

In recognition of her effort and progress on Reading Plus, Murron was awarded our Star of the Month and received a trophy and £25 voucher.

Paula Platten, Murron’s teacher at Hudson Road Primary School, said:

“I nominated Murron because of her fantastic attitude to reading, not only at school but at home too. In fact, so much so that she has been told off for reading too late on a night and not going to bed.

“Murron found reading tricky and was not fluent, therefore she would try and do anything other than reading. But after enjoying Reading Plus for half a term, she has built a repertoire of vocabulary, improved her reading fluency, improved her comprehension skills and most of all her love of reading. We are all so very proud of Murron.

“Reading Plus is making a huge difference to the children at Hudson Road, they are enjoying the programme and they are giving 100% effort. It has allowed our children to improve their reading fluency as well as their comprehension skills. The children are enjoying the wide range of genres and books available and are excited to complete Reading Plus every day.”

Marc Olsen, Murron’s father tells us:

“Murron is a touch dyslexic and can lack concentration when it comes to reading. This is something which has vastly improved whilst using Reading Plus, as it keeps her more engaged than a printed book.

“I like the structure of Reading Plus and the way the guided window walks through the reading text with Murron. Her reading has come on leaps and bounds since starting with Reading Plus. She is enjoying reading now and doing extra, it is no longer a chore to get her to read.

“At the start of the year I promised her £1 for every book she read, I’m down quite a lot now and I couldn’t be happier!”

Murron finishes:

“I like the way [Reading Plus] slows down and speeds up and stuff. I like how it counts your words and gives you things to aim for.

“I was really happy to win Star of the Month and couldn’t wait to show my dad my certificate.”


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