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Developing skills and strategies for SATs

We hosted a free 30-minute webinar dedicated to ‘Developing Skills and Strategies for SATs’ with special guest Heather March, Director of Teaching and Learning at Aim High Academy Trust.

The webinar covers:

  • Practical strategies related to comprehension and fluency.
  • What needs to be prioritised in order to successfully prepare for SATs.
  • How using DreamBox Reading Plus for three 30-minute sessions per week will directly impact your school’s SATs results.

While this webinar wasn’t focussed on our online reading development programme, Reading Plus, Heather March named it as a key strategy used across her trust.

To highlight some of the key benefits of Reading Plus:

  • Increased reading speed: Reading Plus is designed to help students improve their reading speed, allowing them to consume more content efficiently.
  • Enhanced vocabulary knowledge: Reading Plus expands students’ vocabulary and exposes them to age-appropriate and ability-levelled texts.
  • Improved comprehension skills: The programme enhances students’ comprehension abilities, ensuring they can understand and analyse texts effectively.
  • Effective SATs preparation: Reading Plus provides valuable SATs preparation by honing reading speed, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Read Reading Plus’s implementation at Dubmire Primary Academy

We wish you all the best of luck with your SATs preparation!

If you would like to find out more about how Reading Plus can impact SATs in your school, talk to one of our Reading Development Consultants.

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