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"Reading Plus represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently" - Education Alliance Finland's evaluation of Reading Plus.

At Reading Solutions UK, our mission is to provide exceptional educational technology solutions that improve outcomes for schools, educators, and young learners.

To achieve this, we believe it is important to constantly test the efficacy of Reading Plus to ensure that we continue to provide an evidence-based EdTech solution to schools.

With this in mind, Reading Solutions UK recently had the Education Alliance Finland evaluate the pedagogical design of Reading Plus.

Who are the Education Alliance Finland?

The Education Alliance Finland conducts impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. This Standard offers an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design on the principles of educational psychology.

The learning impact evaluation uses a science-based method developed by university researchers in Finland, the global education leader.

The Standard allows for evaluating the strengths and development areas of the product through the assessment of three focus areas:

  • Learning goals.
  • Pedagogical approach.
  • Usability.

Our Results:

  • Reading Plus’ pedagogical approach was rated 95%.

Results of 95%+ are classified as outstanding. Our product was deemed exceptionally innovative and provided high educational value.

The content on Reading Plus is delivered in an extremely meaningful and engaging way.

  • Reading Plus’ learning engagement score was rated 4.06/5.

This means our programme is well supported by several well-executed features that aid user engagement.

The Education Finland Alliance recognised some of Reading Plus’ high educational quality aspects within the evaluation. These included:

The variety of texts available for learners is ‘commendable’:

“The wide range of different kinds of texts from various genres is motivating, inspiring, and informative. It was great that the text’s context, image, and summary were presented first.”

Screenshot 2023-06-23 162044

The content is based on assessment and ongoing data analysis:

“The baseline assessment [which students sit when starting the programme] puts them at the optimal challenge level, which helps them stay motivated and focused.”

Accessibility and ease of use:

“Reading Plus is easy to use and gives enough guidance for the student. The difficulty level adapts to the student’s level, which provides optimal challenges and keeps the interest up. Getting rewards and monitoring the achievement of the next goal is motivating.”

“Students can make their own choices within the material (texts) provided at their skill level. The goals of each task are well-presented and should make the work feel meaningful for the student.”

Our learning methods and tools feel purpose-built and effective for strengthening reading skills:

“The question flow worked very well [students answer ten comprehension questions after reading a text] so that you could think at your own pace and move on to see the right answer and learn from it. Especially for example, when a concept was misunderstood, and the answer was wrong, it was good to see a picture of the concept and to learn and restructure the word’s meaning. Also, operating with a word by writing it and using it correctly in the right context in the sentence was a good task.”

Screenshot 2023-06-23 162156

“The feedback is clear, spot on and timely. When making mistakes, the solution provides help and guidance and adapts the tasks to the student’s skills.”

Other notable features.

The Education Alliance Finland also accredited other features of Reading Plus to the success and quality of the programme. These include:

Home accessibility and family involvement:

“Bringing the family along is also an excellent feature of the product. The responsibility for learning is shared in the product for the family to see and follow. Many families may be unaware of how a child or young person reads or what kind of vocabulary they have.”


Open-ended learning possibilities:

“In addition to actual reading and comprehension learning, I see that there are many other possibilities on how to learn from the provided texts; for example, to write one’s own texts and to discuss the texts. In conclusion, it’s up to educators how they use these texts to create variation in lessons!”

Derby-Research-Graphic-(3) (1)

Reading Plus: An evidence-based reading development programme.

Reading Plus is validated by more than 100 research studies, including 38 peer-reviewed journal articles.

For the academic year 2021/22, we collaborated with Derby Research School and Spencer Academies Trust to determine the efficacy of Reading Plus.

Read the results here.

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