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Here’s how Reading Plus can help your disadvantaged students?

Accelerate reading progress for disadvantaged students by up to 97%* with Reading Plus.

Reading Plus is an online reading development programme for KS2-4, which accelerates reading progress, closes the gap for disadvantaged students, and engages reluctant readers.

Do you have a high percentage of pupils eligible for pupil premium? Here’s how Reading Plus can help:

  • Reading Plus is personalised to each student’s needs based on assessment data.
  • Summative and formative assessments measure progress.
  • Diagnostic data highlights which students need support with specific reading content domains – supporting intervention materials are provided.
  • Students develop their fluency, stamina, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

*In a 2021/22 Reading Plus efficacy study of 470 Y6 students.

How does it support students and teaching?

Pupils begin their Reading Plus journey with an adaptive assessment which provides a baseline and a data-driven starting point – the results from this diagnostic tool identify pupils’ learning gaps in fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Pupils are then matched to the appropriate types of intervention (reading, vocabulary, and visual skills tasks).

Reading Plus significantly impacts disadvantaged pupils as the difficulty of texts has been categorised, meaning that, with the correct scaffolding, individual pupil performance can be monitored and stretched.

Disadvantaged children greatly benefit from exposure to new vocabulary and the programme’s extensive content library of engaging informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts. Accessing complex academic texts allows for cross-curricular knowledge to develop. Customers often tell us how their pupils contribute exciting facts they’ve learned from Reading Plus within their history or geography lessons.

Reading Plus offers texts that are mirrors and windows. Mirrors are instances where the reader can see themselves, reflected within texts. Window texts provide the reader with a view of experiences and lifestyles outside their own. For disadvantaged children, window texts expand their understanding, compassion, and perception of a concept they were unaware of. This can also be referenced as a cultural capital strategy in Ofsted inspections.

Reading Plus is a personal library for pupils who do not own many books, as it can be accessed from home on various devices with an internet connection.

For pupils with a low reading age, who may have anxieties about their peers seeing them with a book with artwork for younger children, all texts are presented the same on Reading Plus. It is not apparent if a Y6 pupil is reading a Y2-level book.


  • We targeted pupil premium students in Y6 and Y5. As a result of using Reading Plus regularly, 16 students progressed from 64% at the end of KS1 to 75% at the end of KS2 in their reading.
    -Pupil Premium Lead.
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