How will your Y5 pupils benefit from an online reading development programme?

Using a reading development programme in Y5 has many benefits.

Teachers will: 

  • Be able to see which pupils need support and in which specific reading domains.
  • Be provided with intervention materials (lesson plans, worksheets) focused on the content domain references for KS2 (such as retrieval and inference), which are heavily weighted questions in the KS2 Reading SATs paper.
  • See how many pupils are below, at target, or exceeding year-level expectations.
  • Be able to offer individual or small group support, knowing the rest of the class is independently reading.
  • Have access to high-level data to evidence gains.

Pupils will:

  • Be placed on an individual learning path to accelerate their reading gains and develop specific reading skills such as silent reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • Access over 1,000 engaging informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts.
  • Build their cross-curricular knowledge through various text types and subject matters available.
  • Expand their vocabulary knowledge and be more confident participating in book talks.
  • Develop a love for reading for pleasure as they become more confident and curious readers.

What is Reading Plus?

Reading Plus is an adaptive reading development programme which accelerates reading growth, closes the gap for disadvantaged pupils, and encourages reluctant readers. It has a readability age from Year 2 to GCSE and is suitable for pupils in key stage 2 to kesy stage 4.

How does it work?

  1. Pupils begin their Reading Plus journey with an adaptive assessment which provides a baseline.
  2. The results identify pupils’ fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary learning gaps.
  3. Pupils are then matched to the appropriate intervention types and given a personalised learning path.
  4. The adaptive programme allows pupils to practice at their own pace. The scaffolding support teaches pupils the skills they need to become proficient readers.
  5. Teacher time is saved planning as printable materials (PDF worksheets/lesson plans) are available to use with a small group or on a one-to-one basis.

Meet Y5 pupils Joey, Ava, and Yousef:


Joey reads at a Y2 level

The Reading Plus’ InSight Assessment has identified Joey as reading at a Year 2 level. He struggles with comprehension and has been placed at a level where he is given age-appropriate texts at his ability level. This allows Joey to develop confidence in reading and increase his vocabulary word back. Reading Plus continuously improve his comprehension, allowing Joey to close the gap with his peers.


Ava reads at a Y4 level

Ava is reading just below age-level expectations at a Year 4 level. She struggles with fluency and therefore is presented with the Guided Window system, this models reading efficiency by guiding Ava’s eyes across a page of text at a bespoke speed to build her fluency and stamina. As Ava improves in these skills, she can focus on comprehension and gaining knowledge rather than on the mechanics of reading. The Guided Window makes reading productive, and this, in turn, makes reading more enjoyable for Ava. As Ava demonstrates mastery, the Guided Window scaffold is removed.


Yousef reads at a Y8 level

Yousef is reading three years above age-level expectations. A confident reader, he often asks for more complex content from his teacher. Yousef needs to be appropriately challenged with advanced content and tasks that build his critical thinking skills. For Yousef, Reading Plus automatically provides advanced content whilst challenging him with questions to develop his higher-order thinking skills, continuously raising the bar on his achievements.

We started using Reading Plus with our Y4s and Y5s to prepare them for a Y6 curriculum, and last year was the first year we got higher in reading than anything else. These pupils experienced the lockdowns, so we were over the moon!

Hannah James, English and KS2 Lead at New Road Primary

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