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Reading Plus Awards 2024

Humber Education Trust Reading Plus Awards

We can’t quite believe we are nearing the end of the school year. It’s been an incredible journey witnessing the transformative power of Reading Plus on Humber Education Trust students’ reading progress and engagement. We know these tremendous results are due to the dedication of the teachers championing reading within their school to foster a love of reading among students.

As such, we want to celebrate and showcase the students and schools who have gone above and beyond in their reading journeys and made extraordinary achievements with Reading Plus this academic year.

Submit your entries below – we wish you all the best of luck!




Reading Plus School of the Year

Recognising the school within the trust that has demonstrated remarkable progress and dedication to improving reading proficiency among its students with Reading Plus. This award will go to a school that has fully implemented Reading Plus as part of their reading strategy, has encouraged the onboarding and training, and has supported students to succeed both on Reading Plus and with reading for pleasure.

Using programme data, the winner of this award will be chosen by the Reading Solutions UK team. 

Reading Plus Star of the Year

This award honours a student who stands out for their exceptional commitment to Reading Plus. It acknowledges the student who actively engages with the programme during school hours and demonstrates a strong dedication to improving their reading skills at home – showing commitment and progress in their reading ability.

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Reading Plus Effort Recognition

This award celebrates the student who has demonstrated exemplary effort and dedication to their Reading Plus journey. It acknowledges a student’s perseverance, commitment, and determination in overcoming challenges and improving their reading skills. The Effort Recognition award goes beyond data or scores, focusing on the student’s attitude, resilience, and willingness to engage with the programme to achieve personal growth and academic success.

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Reading Plus Comprehension Champion

This award recognises a student who has achieved the highest comprehension scores on Reading Plus. The Comprehension Champion demonstrates mastery of reading comprehension skills – consistently scoring above 80%.

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Reading Plus Combo Champion

The Reading Plus Combo Champion Award recognises and celebrates the exceptional achievements of a Year 5 student who has excelled in their reading journey by mastering the art of Combos in the Reading component (SeeReader®). Combos are the key to unlocking new levels and progressing through Reading Plus, requiring students to complete two Reading Lessons in a row with high comprehension scores.

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Entry information

Award nominations open now and close at midnight on Sunday 16th June 2024.

Winners will be notified and announced on Monday 1st of July. 

You can enter your students for more than one award. For more information, please email



All winners will be awarded a personalised certificate to commemorate their achievement, a trophy, and a £25 Amazon voucher as a token of appreciation.

We wish you all the best with your entries!


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