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Improve SATs Outcomes with Key Stage 2 Reading Intervention

Unlock SAT success with our tailored key stage 2 reading intervention programme, Reading Plus. Addressing concerns like reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary, it accelerates students' progress for confident SATs performance.

Are you concerned your pupils don’t have the necessary skills for the KS2 Reading SATs paper?

You’re not alone. Some common concerns we hear from schools include:

  • Pupils’ reading speed – will they reach the end of the SAT paper in the allocated time?
  • Comprehension levels – will they confidently answer the 2-3 mark questions?
  • Vocabulary knowledge – can they understand academic vocabulary?

KS2 reading intervention will help.

Our online reading development programme, Reading Plus, accelerates pupils’ reading progress by improving their fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary to the level required to complete the Reading SATs paper confidently.

Preparing for SATs

Key Stage 2 Reading Intervention: The Reading Plus Solution

Pupils sit a baseline assessment when they first start on Reading Plus, which places them at their just-right level on the programme.

This comprehensive in-built assessment allows you to:

  • See if pupils are below, at, or above year-level expectations.
  • Understand your pupils’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension levels, and identify any gaps – at a glance.
  •  See which pupils need additional support in fluency and/or comprehension.

After completing the assessment, students begin their personalised learning path to success.

  • To develop fluency and stamina, they read the text using the Guided Window.
  • Once finished with a text, students answer ten comprehension questions (linked to the Key Stage 2 content domains).

Pupils’ progress is continuously and dynamically monitored using formative assessments. Reading content levels are adjusted accordingly, ensuring they progress at their just-right levels and are matched with age-appropriate, high-quality texts.

The research-based, patented Guided Window guides the reader’s eyes across a page of text at a bespoke speed, utilising a moving box.

The box’s speed matches the pupil’s current reading speed. It moves pupils toward efficient, independent reading at a year-appropriate rate.

Pupils develop their comprehension skills in Reading Plus as they are exposed to word reading skills (decoding, full word recognition, fluency) and language comprehension (inferencing, comprehension monitoring, text structure, and vocabulary).

After reading a text selection, pupils practise their understanding by answering ten questions. These questions are calibrated to a pupil’s level of reading proficiency to strengthen comprehension skills.

All of the skills and sub-skills taught and tested in Reading Plus support the KS2 reading content domains necessary for success in the SATs.

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Over 1,300 high-quality and age-appropriate informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts are available for pupils to self-select from to develop comprehension and vocabulary knowledge.

Reading content levels are adjusted accordingly, ensuring they progress at their just-right levels.

With over 2,400 words, the Reading Plus vocabulary feature further develops pupils’ language capabilities, which teaches a research-based compilation of highly valuable, cross-curriculum, general academic vocabulary.


Lower comprehension & vocabulary - lower fluency

Pupils like Arun are inefficient, slow readers who struggle to read and comprehend year-level texts. Without KS2 reading intervention, they are unlikely to finish the SATs paper and secure a pass. They need support in comprehension, stamina, and fluency.


Lower comprehension & vocabulary - higher fluency

Pupils like Hannah have higher levels of fluency and efficiency but get frustrated trying to comprehend year-level texts. This means they read too quickly and struggle with comprehension as a result.


Higher comprehension & vocabulary - lower fluency

Pupils like Jacob can read and comprehend content at or above year level, but need fluency support. They have the skills to reach greater depth, but may miss out on marks at the end of the paper due to slow reading speed. They need to improve fluency to confidently complete the SATs paper.


Higher comprehension & vocabulary - higher fluency

Pupils like Aisha are proficient and efficient readers and benefit from Reading Plus as enrichment. These pupils have high fluency and comprehension. They will likely finish the SATs paper and reach greater depth.

How does Reading Plus data identify pupils’ reading gaps?

Teachers can easily see which pupils will likely finish and pass the SATs paper and which students need additional support in fluency and comprehension. Reading Plus adapts to individuals’ needs and provides intervention resources for teachers.

Discover more about how reading plus analyses data

  • Our current Year 6s are better prepared for SATs since using Reading Plus. It specifically supports their reading speed and comprehension skills, which are fundamental for completing and passing the reading SATs.
    Lyndsey Curbishley
    Curriculum Lead at Whitefield Primary School
  • Our children using the programme in Year 5 have now achieved 14% Greater Depth scores in our standardised end-of-year assessments. In this year group, we had only 5% working at Greater Depth in Reading when they initially started the programme.
    Heather March
    Assistant Headteacher at Dubmire Primary Academy
  • We wanted something that would improve their fluency as often they do not reach the final text in the reading SATs tests. In 2019, our reading results for Year 6 were EXS 63% and GDS 13%. After using the programme, our recent SATs results increased to 86% EXS and 41% GDS.
    Verity Lee
    Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Head at Sunnyside Spencer Academy
  • Very often, the SATs texts relate to experiences that children haven’t encountered. Reading more non-fiction expands their worlds and opens their minds to new knowledge and understanding.
    Sarah Uden
    Vice Principal at Folkestone Primary Academy

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