Learn how Reading Plus meets the requirements of the current Ofsted inspection framework

Education inspection framework (EIF): A deep dive into reading

At the heart of the EIF is the new Quality of Education judgment, which aims to put a single conversation about education at its centre. This conversation draws together the previous key judgements of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and Outcomes creating a holistic view of standards.

In addition, evidence will be gathered to support a judgement for three other categories, Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes, and Leadership and Management. Judgments will continue to be Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, or Inadequate. Safeguarding will be reviewed but will not be given a judgement unless the inspection is a specific focus.

Quality of Education

Key concepts for inspectors in gathering evidence for Quality of Education are Intent, Implementation, and Impact – how the curriculum is conceived, taught and experienced. Inspectors
will be looking for the fluidity between each stage and how they inform the next. They will be looking to collect, connect, and evaluate evidence.

How does Reading Plus meet the framework?

Find out here: Education inspection framework (EIF):

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