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Meet Mikaeel, our latest Reading Plus Star of the Month

Mikaeel Ahmed, age 8, from Lisle Marsden Primary Academy has been awarded as our Star of the Month for November for his progress and dedication to Reading Plus. 


His teacher, Sara Muir, nominated Makaeel for his hard work and effort. She said:


“Makaeel goes on Reading Plus both at home and school every day. His mum said she can’t get him off it! He has regularly scored over 80% on his comprehension during November and has moved on to Level D. Also, his G-rate and I-rate have both rapidly increased.  


Speaking about how Reading Plus has impacted the school, Sara continued:


“Reading Plus is used in every class from Year 4 – Year 6. The children go on it as part of their reading lessons and are also encouraged to use it at home. It has allowed the children to access a wider range of books and develop their reading skills. The children can work at their own pace and can see the progress they are making and are very excited when they move up a level and love receiving their certificates.


“Reading fluency is improving, and the children are becoming better at comprehension too. The children often share information in our other lessons from the books that they have read on Reading Plus.”


Mikaeel was delighted to with the Star of the Month award. Speaking of the programme, he said:


“I like the guided window on Reading Plus because sometimes when I’m struggling, I can pause it to help me understand what I’m reading. It helps me to learn more knowledge. I mostly like the sport reading section. I also like the avatars. When I go home, I like to draw, so I draw some of the avatars I have seen.”


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