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Investing in the best reading programme for your school can be a challenge.

Why not hear what the experts have to say about Reading Plus?

Hear what Teachers, Authors, Consultants and a student have to say about Reading Plus


“This programme is excellent for schools that want a programme for all learners, who would like to raise the profile of reading and reading fluency across their school or trust.”



“Compared to other programmes available, this one seems to be heavily evidence-informed and provides an opportunity to develop not just comprehension, but also reading fluency.” 


A review of Reading Plus by Shareen Wilkinson – Education Consultant, Teacher, and Educational Author

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“What strikes me about Reading Plus is it actually makes children read better. Not just in terms of exposure to different texts, but literally, read better.”


Teacher and writer Adam Riches gives his review of Reading Plus for Teach Primary


“Our reading levels and student engagement have made rapid but sustainable progress this year. With confidence, I can say that in my opinion, Reading Plus is the best online reading programme I have ever used.”


Developing a reading culture with Reading Plus at Safa British School, Dubai

“Reading Plus really helps us to focus on the components of reading rather than something arbitrary like reading age. It means we can intervene with authority at the classroom level – evidence suggests that this has the greatest impact…The result? Improved reading levels and cross-curriculum learning.”


How data from Reading Plus helped teach reading as a skill for learning in KS3


“Reading Plus has allowed me to explore a variety of genres. Now, have access to texts I previously hadn’t tried, and I read all sorts of different genres, from mystery and fantasy to biographies, art, cultural stories and more.”


Read how Reading Plus encouraged Lilia, from New Invention Junior School, to explore new genres and enjoy reading for pleasure


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