Pupils' motivation to read skyrockets with Reading Plus.

“The most significant impact has been on pupils’ drive and enthusiasm to want to read.”

Leanne Sayer discusses how Reading Plus has enhanced her school’s reading provisions and improved pupil outcomes


Why Reading Plus?

We were looking for a programme where pupils could access high-quality, age-appropriate texts they could self-select. We also wanted something where we could monitor their progress and allow parents to see what their children could do independently and with some support.

Reading Plus, as an online reading development programme, does these and more.

We’ve always had a robust approach to reading in school, but Reading Plus enhances reading even further because the programme extends to the home. Children can show their parents/guardians their reading progress and use it for reading for pleasure too.

What results have you seen?

The most significant impact is pupils’ drive and enthusiasm to want to read.

Especially after the effects of Covid, even getting children back into school and into a routine has been challenging. Having something like Reading Plus for children to do has settled them. Using the programme has given them stability; they know they can take it home and show their parents and guardians.

The other impact Reading Plus has had is raising pupils’ vocabulary massively, which is very important for Year 6 assessments.

The vocabulary aspect of Reading Plus has improved pupils’ scores, knowledge, understanding, and ability to articulate.


Do the children enjoy using Reading Plus?

The children enjoy it very, very much. It’s a big thing in our school. We don’t just offer rewards and prizes, but it’s the general ethos within our school for children to have their daily session of Reading Plus.

They enjoy it because there’s a choice; they get to monitor their progress and choose the texts they want to read or don’t want to read. The programme has a range of informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts. Giving the children options is definitely a big bonus for them.


Do you see Reading Plus as a tool to help pupils catch up?

I see it as a tool for everything. I see a tool to help children, parents, and teachers tackle missed learning, especially with the programme’s guides and pre-made lessons.

For example, if children are struggling with inference, there is a pre-made lesson with a PowerPoint and resources that you can use instantly. It’s not a case of a teacher having to find or plan anything. Also, because it’s in the Reading Format, the children are familiar with it, so they feel comfortable and safe.

Will Reading Plus work for you?

Are you struggling with fluency?

Reading Plus is proven to increase fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Content applicable for KS2-KS4

Adaptive intelligence matches learners to texts and continues to do throughout.

Time-saving intervention materials

Printable resources, lesson plans and worksheets for pupils requiring further support

Compatible with most web-based device

Pupils can access engaging and informative texts in school and from home.