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Reading Plus: A Teacher's Guide

How does Reading Plus work for teachers?

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In a Y5  or Y8 classroom, teachers could have students reading at a Y3 level, Y4 level, Y6 level, and so on. Finding diverse and personalised materials for differentiated instruction can be challenging and time-consuming.  Reading Plus customizes instruction for every student by placing students at their just-right reading, vocabulary and comprehension levels and continually adapting to ongoing progress.

Reading Plus simplifies the instructional planning process with interactive support for every teacher, including:

  • Printable resources and lesson tutorials.
  • Planning materials to support the needs of each student.
  • Auto-generated recommendations for direct instruction at class, small group, and individual levels.
  • Professional development videos.

Reading Plus will also provide easy-to-access comprehensive data on individual students to understand each student’s learning styles, strengths and areas requiring improvement, which will help monitor student progress and support teaching practices.


Meet Class Teacher, Mrs Jones

Mrs. Jones implemented Reading Plus to develop her students’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. With Reading Plus, she has:


Data to Drive Instruction

Educators can access student analytics and reports that inform planning and allow them to monitor student performance.

Reports group students who are struggling with the same comprehension subskills and recommend skill-building resources for remediation.

  • Actionable data and live overview of students’ ability levels.
  • Regular communications and student progress reports.

Teaching Resources

From the Reading Plus management system, educators can access a wide library of resources to support differentiation at the whole class, small group, and individual level.

Each lesson includes a fully scripted ready-to-use comprehensive lesson plan for a 25-30 minute lesson that pulls together various resources in a cohesive, purposeful manner.

Skills Coach is a series of animated lessons that address nine major reading comprehension anchor skills and their component subskills. Each Skills Coach lesson consists of three parts: overview, tutorial, and practice.

Printable skill practice worksheets explain a specific comprehension skill and give examples using real texts. Students apply what they are learning through independent practice activities that help solidify their understanding of the skill.

Graphic organizers provide students with an alternate way to share and process their ideas visually. Choose from skill-based graphic organizers for comparing and contrasting, plot outlining, character analysis, and more.

Access to free training and support 

When your school purchases a Reading Plus licence, you gain the support of Partner Plus, our team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring you get the most out of the programme throughout your contract with us.

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Encouraging student motivation

To celebrate the accomplishments of students and to provide extra motivation for those who may be reluctant readers, we set up initiatives throughout the year where students can partake in different activity challenges to win prizes like Amazon vouchers, Book Token vouchers, trophies, certificates and more. 

These activities include the Start-up Challenge, Start of the Month, Reading Plus Champions, Christmas poetry competition, Reading Plus Summer Challenge, Book Talks, Easter story competition, the Reading Plus Awards and many more. 

Take a deep dive in our virtual tour of Reading Plus

Abdul is in Year 6 student reading at a Year 4 level. He struggles with comprehension, has low motivation to read, and doesn’t participate in class.

Take our interactive, self-guided tour to see how the Reading Plus programme (for KS2 and above) meets pupil needs to provide an individualised path to reading success.

  • "We have been thrilled to see the dramatic impact that Reading Plus has had in our school in less than one year. Not only did the reading data in Y6 increase by 24%, but more importantly, the children's confidence in tackling challenging texts soared!" It has been an absolute joy to see the most reluctant of readers change their mindset in such a short period and seek additional opportunities to access this provision outside of lessons to develop their inference skills further and reading speed
    Headteacher, Claire Park, The Village Primary
  • One of the reasons we selected Reading Plus is because if there is a particular area that the children are struggling in, the programme has lessons and resources that guide you to support either a child, a group of children or even the whole cohort. Everything is already there, and as teachers, we don’t have a massive amount of time to do everything. What you need is there for you in the programme.
    E-Reading Coordinator, Leanne Sayer, Ribbon Academy
  • We use the programme three times a week. On these days, when the staff use Reading Plus, no planning is required for these sessions, which helps teachers save a lot of time. Staff simply log on and can see where their focus needs to be and with which children. The usability of the site is a huge bonus.
    Assistant Headteacher, Heather March, Dubmire Primary Academy
  • Since implementing Reading Plus, we have noticed a positive impact on our pupils’ fluency, stamina, and confidence. Reading levels are far better, and our children are growing increasingly fluent. Reading Plus also supports our less able readers by adapting their reading pace to match their capabilities, providing age-appropriate texts, and offering a support mode. Past academic year data from our 484 students on the programme show an average comprehension score of 86%, with an average compreh
    Assistant Head Emma Hodgson and Year 6 Teacher Erin Smith from Colegate Community Primary
  • In the skills tab on Reading Plus there is a section called teaching tools. This provides intervention materials that can be used with a small group or in a 1:1 session. These resources save precious time as a busy teacher and provide the students with exactly what they need to practice, reinforce, and consolidate skills that they lack. The pupils who have used these additional resources are making accelerated progress and have also commented on how good they feel about their reading.
    Suzanna Morrison, Year 6 teacher, Assistant Principal and English Lead at Whetley Academy

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