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Making tech accessible and affordable for learning and communication.

Reading Solutions UK is proud to be working in partnership with Laptops4Learning to help tackle the digital divide sustainably.


Laptops4Learning works with businesses to manage, collect, securely erase data and refurbish surplus tech. This tech is then distributed to address digital exclusion through schools, charities, councils and other delivery organisations. The devices are provided through a mix of donations where there is no budget and affordable resale for those with a purchase budget.

If you are looking for devices for your school, contact them at or call 01438 747480.

We caught up with Sue Gowling, founder of Laptops4Learning, to discuss how their business helps tackle digital exclusion through sustainability, helping those in need and our environment.

Who are Laptops4Learning?

At Laptops4Learning, we are passionate about using the power of sustainability to bridge the digital divide and help end disadvantage while mitigating environmental impacts through reuse.

Before COVID-19, we ran a tech company that carried out data service work onsite, while at the same time taking redundant tech for secure data erasure and sustainable reuse. With the arrival of the pandemic, carrying out onsite work was suddenly not possible. However, we had a large amount of tech to refurbish in hand.

Lockdowns and social distancing meant that education had to move online, and people started talking about the ‘digital divide’ between those families with digital access and those without. We quickly realised we were in an ideal position to help, so Laptops4Learning was born to get devices out to those in need.

The battle against digital exclusion.

The more we have worked on developing the Laptops4Learning solution, the more aware we have become of how widespread digital exclusion is. Our work has expanded to cover a wide demographic of needs, including refugees, homelessness, adult learning, the elderly, and vulnerable adults and children.

In our increasingly digital world, digital exclusion is a blight on people’s life chances, cutting them off from communication, learning, shopping, and access to services. Digital access is becoming as vital as any other of our utilities and is an absolute must if people are to have the opportunity to thrive.

How to donate or enquire about devices.

Businesses and organisations that want to donate tech should contact us at, call 01438 747480 or visit our website for more information.

Refurbished tech is distributed to schools, charities, councils and other organisations. The devices are provided through donations and affordable resale for those with a purchase budget.

Sustainability at the forefront.

At Laptops4Learning, we ensure sustainability through maximum reuse to mitigate environmental impacts in the current climate emergency. We offer companies with surplus tech a fully data-secure solution, along with sustainability and digital inclusion reports, demonstrating the positive environmental and social impact of having their redundant tech handled through our solution.

As expert repairers, we break down anything non-working for spares, maximising reuse and the number of people who can be helped with devices.

Anything that absolutely cannot be reused is recycled in accordance with our ‘LeaveNoTrace’ policy. The climate emergency and scarce raw materials mean treading lightly on the earth is now more critical than ever. ‘LeaveNoTrace’ is our response to this imperative.

Positive impact for good.

With 5,044 devices now distributed to combat digital exclusion, we are delighted to have made a real impact for the better on the lives of so many people while helping mitigate environmental impacts through sustainable reuse. It is important to remember that behind every device is a human story where Laptops4Learning can make a difference. Getting digital access is one small step in rebuilding people’s lives.

With so much global uncertainty, we have been thrilled to have the opportunity to increase our work with refugees. Through our network of charity partners, we have managed to provide devices to:

  • The Afghan Ladies Football Team.
  • Afghan refugees.
  • Syrian refugees.
  • Ukrainian refugees.


Since 2020 we have:

  • Worked with 74 different charities and delivery organisations.
  • Delivered 5,044 devices to aid digital inclusion.
  • Saved 8,597kgs of e-waste.
  • Saved 1,079,416kgs of CO2 emissions.


While these figures are a great indicator of the positive impact Laptops4Learning has, the biggest reward for us is seeing the difference devices can make to the lives of our recipients. The feedback we get from those who have been helped represents our best accomplishment.


To learn more about Laptops4Learning and donate or inquire about devices, visit or call  01438 747480.

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