Adaptive, personalised learning

The Reading Plus experience is personalised to each student’s interests and academic strengths—and builds cross-curricular content area knowledge.

Reading Solutions

How does Reading Plus support pupils?

At the heart of Reading Plus is SeeReader®, an intelligent e-reader and content library that presents increasingly complex texts that match a pupil's reading level and interests.

Pupils who need support in building reading fluency will typically see text presented using the patented Reading Plus Guided Window system which scaffolds the reading experience by guiding the reader’s eyes across a page of text. This is done at a bespoke speed for each pupil to build their reading fluency and reading stamina.

After reading a selection of text, students answer ten thoughtful, skill-aligned comprehension questions.

Reading Solutions

Developing confident readers

The Reading Plus program includes visual-perceptual skill-building and vocabulary development components encouraging pupils to build knowledge and mastery of general academic vocabulary.

Pupils are able to take control and maintain accountability as they can see at a glance their reading progress and goals within their own pupil dashboard.

Reading Solutions

Celebrating pupil success

To celebrate pupils success when they reach reading milestones on the programme, we have a range of editable certificates to print which can be found in our Resources Hub.

Our Star of the Month award is a monthly acknowledgement of a hard-working pupil who has excelled in their reading development. The worthy winner receives a trophy and a £25 book voucher.

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Star of the Month

Celebrate your pupil's progress and efforts on Reading Plus by nominating them for a Star of the Month award.

Find out more about Star of the Month

What do pupils say about Reading Plus?

We have noticed that our children are developing their general knowledge and understanding of the world through using Reading Plus. The opportunity to use both fiction and non-fiction has opened up a vast treasure trove of information to our children.

Andy Ruffell, Headteacher of Fairfield Primary School