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The InSight Assessment is a diagnostic tool that determines a student’s reading proficiency.

The first time students encounter the Insight Assessment is when they login to Reading Plus for the very first time. This is known as the Baseline Assessment. It should take approximately 40 minutes to complete, however, this will vary depending on each student's ability.

Following the Baseline Assessment, each student is automatically placed at their personalised level to maximise reading growth. Their reading skills will be appropriately challenged to ensure improvement while also encouraging reading for pleasure. The InSight Assessment can then be sat two more times in an academic year to track students' progress.

Adaptive learning with InSight

InSight is an adaptive assessment to meet the needs of all learners, including SEN, EAL, and Greater Depth students. It reacts in real-time to the answers students provide.

In addition to personalising each student’s Reading Plus journey, the InSight Assessment results produce a range of detailed reports for educators to gain a clear understanding of their student’s abilities and identifying skill gaps in:

  • Silent reading fluency.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary level.
  • Reading speed (words per minute).
  • Motivation for reading.

InSight Reporting

The Screening Report presents a class’ InSight Assessment data in an easy-to-understand graph. Based on their results, students are placed into four colour-coded quadrants to clearly identify their reading strengths and skill gaps.

Teachers can also review a student’s personalised diagnostic profile to understand each individual student’s abilities in more detail.


The Benchmark Report compares data from students’ Baseline Assessments at the beginning of the year to the two InSight Assessments they sat later in the year.

Tracking these results enables teachers to monitor students’ progress throughout the year and determine how Reading Plus usage has impacted their growth.



The Projected Growth Report predicts a student’s growth over time based on a combination of their Baseline Assessment results and ongoing performance on the programme.

This allows teachers to continuously track whether students are on target to meet their end-of-year goals. If a student is working below their predicted level, the report identifies the problem and can inform decisions about how best to support those students.



The programme’s features, including the initial baseline assessment, are extremely valuable as they allowed us to understand the groupings of the students and how we could tailor the lessons. Data from the reporting feature also meant that teachers could target students making the least progress, showing which barriers prevented them from achieving high results or progress with their reading.

Curriculum Lead of English, Andrea Creegan, Farringdon Community Academy.

The level of detail the programme gives you about each child provides a clear insight into their reading development. We can see pupils’ reading levels and how secure they are in comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. From this, we can see which pupils need additional support and in which reading domain. We use this data to plan intervention groups. As a subject leader, having all that data readily available to monitor students’ progress is excellent.

English and KS2 Lead, Hannah James, New Road Primary.

We have used the data from Reading Plus to see the progress students are making, as a tool to know whom to target with additional fluency sessions and to see specific areas of comprehension that we need to address as groups/whole classes. We also used the data provided by the programme to do a gap analysis to see areas that needed tackling and where the students were at with their fluency, reading and comprehension.

UKS2 and Literacy Lead, Emma Mowat, Osbaldwick Primary.

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