InSight Assessment

The Reading Plus InSight Assessment determines a pupil's individual reading proficiency and automatically places them at their correct reading level in the programme.

Reading Solutions

A valid and reliable assessment

In just 30-40 minutes, teachers have a clear and comprehensive picture of pupil's skills and abilities in:

  • Silent reading fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Motivation for reading

The rich data gives teachers a deep understanding of their pupils' needs – and empowers pupils to follow their own personalised paths to reading proficiency.

Personalised learning with InSight

The Screening Report groups pupils by their individual needs and determines which pupils need comprehension, vocabulary, and/or silent reading rate development support.

Teachers can review their pupils’ personalised diagnostic profiles to understand each individual pupil’s needs – with ease.

The InSight assessment can be re-administered up to two times to provide valuable benchmarking for mid-year and end-of-year reading improvement.

The Benchmark Report helps teachers to monitor pupils’ progress over time – and determine how Reading Plus usage impacts their growth.

The Projected Growth Report predicts pupil growth over time, based on each pupil’s assessment results and progress throughout the year.

The report enables teachers to identify pupils who are on track to reach their end-of-year goals – and inform decisions about how best to support those pupils who may be at risk of not reaching their goals.

The Reading Plus assessment showed that those who read at an age-related level and who perform reasonably well in assessments, were often reading too quickly and missing the subtle cues for deeper understanding, which was the reason they were losing marks with their 2 and 3 mark comprehension questions. After using the Guided Window on Reading Plus, they were reading at a slightly slower pace, which meant they didn’t misinterpret or miss the information they were reading.

Suzanna Morrison, Assistant Principal and English Lead, Whetley Academy.