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Reading Plus supports good teaching first

Today’s teachers are stretched to the limit with large class sizes and the expectation to differentiate instruction for all pupils.

Adaptive technology is a powerful tool in making personalised learning effective, but teachers still hold the key to ensuring that all students become lifelong readers.

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Abdul is in Year 6 pupil reading at a Year 4 level. He struggles with comprehension, has low motivation to read, and doesn’t participate in class.

Take our interactive, self-guided tour to see how the Reading Plus programme (for KS2 and above) meets pupil needs to provide an individualised path to reading success.

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Extensive support at your fingertips

Within Reading Plus, teachers are able to simplify their lesson planning with the help of:

  • Searchable resources, from professional development videos to printable resources and lesson tutorials
  • Recommendations for small group instruction
  • Comprehensive data on individual students to understand each pupil's learning styles, strengths and areas requiring improvement

"We have been thrilled to see the dramatic impact that Reading Plus has had in our school in less than one year. Not only did the reading data in Y6 increase by 24%, but more importantly, the children's confidence in tackling challenging texts soared!"

It has been an absolute joy to see the most reluctant of readers change their mindset in such a short period and seek additional opportunities to access this provision outside of lessons to develop their inference skills further and reading speed

Claire Park, Headteacher, The Village Primary

Accelerated Reading Development

Accelerated reading development at Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School

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Comprehension and fluency gains

How Fairfield Primary School overcame challenges in reading with Reading Plus

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