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How EdTech can help transform reading for pleasure


Are you interested in how Edtech can help transform reading for pleasure? Tune in to our most recent Podcast, with TES.

Our Reading Development Consultant, Ian Turner joined Rachel Revell from Oasis Community Learning to talk to TES and explore how Edtech can overcome common barriers around reading for pleasure, how it can personalise the learning process and why a blended approach works best for young people.

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“Tech is the ally of the teacher,” says Ian. “In that library session, where you have a class with a range of 10 years between abilities within the same age group, it’s very, very difficult to differentiate for that.

“In fact, the image of a class of young people all silently reading and concentrating on books can mask a huge variety of reading issues that may not be picked up with traditional methods.

But, he says, smart technology that tracks and reports on students’ progress with a text can revolutionise the process, offering a wealth of “actionable data to inform what happens in other parts of the classroom” around comprehension and challenges that may prevent young people from enjoying reading.

For schools that are considering making the move towards using EdTech for improving reading, it’s important to ask the right questions, Ian explains.

“It’s understanding what the problem is and the scale of the problem, and then considering what that solution is. Do you have people who read too quickly and then struggle to demonstrate the understanding of what they’ve read? Or do you have children who have got very good understanding but [in terms of] the physical act of reading, it’s awkward and laboured? Rather than looking for the programme that has the solution, it’s better to know what the solution is and find the programme.”

Listen to the podcast How edtech can help transform reading for pleasure (sponsored) | Tes News.

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