Request a pilot

Request a pilot

We offer schools the option to try Reading Plus for free, as we believe it is essential that decisions to implement new programmes are made on three factors - impact, sustainability, and scalability.

  • Try Reading Plus for four weeks at no cost

    We believe in data-driven decision-making. That’s why we give you four weeks of full access to Reading Plus – so you are confident when you purchase the programme.

    A Reading Plus pilot will allow your school to:

    • Gain full access to the programme and reporting.
    • Receive support from start to finish.
    • Make decisions with confidence.

    This means:

    • Your students will trial the programme (and give you feedback).
    • You will see how easy it will be to implement in your school.
    • You will track the data and see the measurable impact the programme has.

    If you decide Reading Plus isn’t right for your school – that’s fine. There is no obligation to continue.

    We’re ready to show you the impact Reading Plus will have on your students’ reading. Please complete the enquiry form to learn more about a Reading Plus pilot.

How does a pilot work?

A step-by-step guide.

1. Setup

We’ll set up your students and staff using a GDPR-compliant software.

2. Training

We’ll show you how to use Reading Plus in a 45-minute online training session.

3. Baseline assessment

Students sit an initial assessment which places them at their just-right level. Teachers can see students’ reading levels and skills gaps.

4. Using the programme

We recommend students use Reading Plus for at least three 30-minute sessions per week. Your Reading Development Consultant will monitor your data and offer support.

5. Ongoing access

Using the data collected and feedback from teachers and students, we will work together to assess if you want to move forward with Reading Plus.

  • Most students we trialled Reading Plus with were in the lowest category available, and quite a few came on in leaps and bounds. This was with only 30 minutes per week. On average, our students completed two reading and two vocabulary tasks per week. So, it was a mammoth task for any progress, yet we still saw excellent engagement and good progress.
    Yan Parson
    SEN Coordinator, Heartlands Academy

Evidence-backed decision making


Have your students’ scores improved? Have their attitudes to reading changed? Are they more confident?


Do you think this is something your school will use on an ongoing basis?


If you need more licences, do you have the budget for this? If you employ new teaching staff, is it possible to train them?

Some of our most frequently asked questions

A pilot is similar to a free trial, except we go beyond simply giving you access to our programme.

During your four-week pilot, you have unlimited access to our Customer Support Team for training, support, reporting, and advice.

You get at least four weeks of full access!

Yes! We want you to see the impact our online reading programme can have on your school’s GCSE or SAT results, so your students get access to all the features for four weeks.

Not if you don’t want to. Many schools decide to get started with Reading Plus right away.

Nothing. It is completely free!


All we ask for is some of your time.


You will need to complete one 45-minute training session with us, and three 30-minute Reading Plus sessions per week with your class.

During our initial chat to ensure a Reading Plus pilot is right for your school, we’ll see how many students you’d like trial the programme. Usually, this is a class of around 25.

Speak to our team to see how Reading Plus can work for you

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