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DreamBox Reading Plus: Star of the Month

Celebrate your students' success on Reading Plus by nominating them for a Star of the Month award.

What is Star of the Month?

Our Star of the Month is awarded to a primary and secondary student who has shown great commitment and notable progress in their engagement with Reading Plus. These students embody the spirit of perseverance, commitment, and enthusiasm for reading.

In recognition of their achievements, they will be awarded a £25 book voucher, certificate, and trophy and be celebrated across our social media channels.

How to make a nomination

Do you have a Reading Plus superstar in your class? Has one of your students made great progress in reading? Nominate them for a Star of the Month award to recognise their efforts and achievements on the programme.

Click here to make a Star of the Month nomination

Exploring opportunities

We’ll be reaching out to your local newspaper to secure coverage for your student’s remarkable achievement and our school’s progress with Reading Plus.

Teachers can take part in doing a ‘Day in the Life’ blog for our new Teacher Talks feature.

If you are happy to be involved, we can collaborate to write a blog about your school and the way Reading Plus is implemented.



Download our editable certificate

Star of the Month certificate here 

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