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Read how Reading Plus encouraged Lilia, from New Invention Junior School, to explore new genres and enjoy reading for pleasure

“Great, entertaining, and useful; that is how I would describe Reading Plus.” 

Hear why Lilia, from New Invention Junior School, enjoys Reading Plus:

I have always enjoyed reading and spend nearly all my free time engrossed in a book. My favourite genres to read are mystery, fantasy, and fairy tales. Reading Plus has allowed me to explore a variety of genres. Now, have access to texts I previously hadn’t tried, and I read all sorts of different genres, from mystery and fantasy to biographies, art, cultural stories and more.

“Thanks to Reading Plus, I now like genres I never thought I would.”

I think Reading Plus is a phenomenal programme. My favourite thing about it is because the texts are short, it’s like reading lots of mini-books, so you can’t get bored – it is
amazing! Lilia with certificates

After Reading Plus, I feel like both my reading ability and vocabulary have improved. My vocabulary has grown, and my English work has improved.

Because of Reading Plus, I can read faster. The programme helped me increase my words per minute, and I find my reading comprehension has improved. As I advanced and got closer to finishing Reading Plus, the vocabulary became challenging, so the same words would keep cropping up, which helped them get stuck in my head, making me learn them.

Reading Plus changed the way I take in what I am reading; if you had asked me before Reading Plus what I had read, I wouldn’t be able to recall it, but now, I can give you a whole summary of the text.


Authored by Lilia from New Invention Junior School.



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