The Reading Plus KS2 Skills Report

The Reading Plus KS2 Skills Report

When your school purchases a Reading Plus licence, you gain the support of Partner Plus, entering into a partnership with our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring you get the most out of the programme.

As part of this partnership, our Partner Plus support team create termly reports to show your pupils’ progress throughout the academic year. One of these is the KS2 Skills Report.

What is a KS2 Skills Report?

The KS2 Skills Report is typically a one-page PDF which measures pupils against KS2 reading domains. Teachers can quickly identify which reading skills pupils may need additional support in. The report is colour-coded, which helps distinguish at a glance how secure a student is in a particular skill.

Using the KS2 Skills Report for SATs preparations

There are nine skills on Reading Plus that are linked to the KS2 reading domains.

Reading Plus skills / KS2 reading domains:

  • Close reading / Retrieval, summarising, inference.
  • Main ideas and themes / Retrieval, summarising.
  • Interaction of ideas / Prediction, the relationship of ideas within a text, author’s intent.
  • Use of language / Vocabulary, the relationship of ideas within a text, author’s intent.
  • Text structure / Retrieval, the relationship of ideas within a text, author’s intent, compare.
  • Point of view / Retrieval, inference, compare.
  • Image scaffolds / Relationship of ideas within a text.
  • Reasoning and rhetoric / Retrieval, inference.
  • Comparative reading / Compare.

Skills and SATs weightings

Comparing the weightings of the reading domain in the 2022 SATs paper, we can see that 82% of marks were retrieval and inference. Reading Plus teaches pupils these skills, improving their ability to reach the two and three-mark questions on the Reading SATs paper.

Receiving your report

KS2 Skills Reports are created in February for Y6 Teachers. Information from them can be utilised to put in place specific SATs interventions.

KS2 Skills Reports are also distributed in May for Y5 Teachers. Understanding gaps in pupils’ skills towards the end of Y5 allows additional time to close these gaps in Y6, ahead of national exams.

How to request one

Our Partner Plus team will email all Y5 and Y6 Reading Plus teachers and senior leaders detailing how to request a report. Please ensure is added to your safe sender list so you don’t miss out.