The World Class Leadership and Culture Event 2022

Tuesday, 11th of October 2022, from 13:30 – 15:00.

Hear from, and engage with experts to align, empower, and engage your staff.

A Leadership and Culture in Education Event designed for Multi Academy Trust Executives, Senior Leaders, and aspiring leaders.


How do you successfully lead a team into the unknown?

Hear from speakers with hard-earned, real-world experiences of leading teams into uncertainty – often in extreme conditions.

During the session, they will help you explore three simple questions to align, empower and engage your staff:

• Question 1 – What are you trying to achieve?

• Question 2 – Why is it important?

• Question 3 – How are we going to do it?

Event Host

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Simon Hartley

Founder of Be World Class, elite sport psychology consultant, and world-class performance coach.

Simon's expertise lies in helping organisations, teams and individuals to consistently engineer peak performance and become World Class in their field.

"After 20 years of working with elite performers in business and sports. World-class results don't come from shortcuts or bandwagons. They're a side-effect of the three things that transform every performance: Mindset, Leadership and Teamwork."

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Expert Panellists


October 11th 2022


Gillian Wiles

Deputy CEO, responsible for 32 primary academies across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Within three years, the Trust had engaged with a new CEO whose vision and strategic direction aligned very much with Gillian’s. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in leadership structures, the new CEO developed Gillian’s ability to form appropriate leadership structures within primary academies meaning that primary leaders could benefit from clear career pathways.

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Ann Daniels

World record-breaking polar explorer, one of the first women in history to reach the North and South Poles and a renowned international speaker.

Ann has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records and received several awards for her impressive yet dangerous expeditions in the world's most inhospitable environments. Through her talks, she illustrates the importance of good leadership and emphasises the essentiality of teamwork.

In 2002, she became the first woman in history to ski in the North and South Poles as part of an all-women team. As a Polar guide and the only leader of all 3 Catlin Arctic surveys, she is living proof that good leadership counts and does make a difference to a team's success.

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Lt. Col. Chris Gibson MBE

International negotiator and innovation leader. Chris is a highly decorated Army officer, having served in many specialist military operations, including special forces teams.

After graduating from the NHS Staff College, he was appointed The Chief Instructor of the Army Medical Services Training Centre.

In 1994, Chris led a team of 1,200 personnel, including NHS volunteers, tasked with combating the Ebola virus in West Africa. At the outset, they were given less than a 1% chance of success. Against all expectations, they succeeded in their mission. In recognition of this achievement, Chris was awarded an MBE, The Health Service Journal Special Recognition Award and named Ideas UK's Innovator of the Year 2017-18. Most recently, Chris has been appointed by the government as a special advisor to the London Ambulance Service, Ministry of Justice.

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Simon Darlaston

Leadership and communication consultant.

Simon excels in working with ambitious leaders, encouraging them with the techniques, behaviours, and mindset to transform their individual and team performance.

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