We invite your child(ren) to experience Reading Plus, for free, this summer!

Interested in finding out how Reading Plus works to develop students’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension? Set your child(ren) up with a free Reading Plus account for the summer holiday.

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What is Reading Plus?

Reading Plus is an online adaptive reading development programme designed to improve students’ reading skills (fluency, vocabulary, stamina, and comprehension), close the reading gap, and encourage reading for pleasure.

With a readability range from Year 2 to GCSE, the programme provides personalised scaffolding support. It is adaptive to each student, ensuring they work at their ‘just-right’ level and are appropriately challenged to develop their reading proficiency. Children self-select from various ability-level engaging texts and complete comprehension questions to determine their reading levels and identify skills gaps. Educators can easily access high-level data to inform intervention strategies – resources are available to use in small groups or one-to-one sessions.


Why sign up? 

Your child(ren) will be able to access engaging informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts while developing their fluency, vocabulary, stamina, and comprehension. They can explore a range of topics (science, history, arts, romance etc.) to improve cross-curricular knowledge and reading for pleasure. 

Sign-up by 9 am Tuesday, the 25th of July 2023.

Sign-up for a free account for your child(ren) 

To kick start your child’s Reading Plus experience, we invite them to take part in our Reading Plus Summer Challenge 2023!

Opens July 24th and ends September 3rd . 

The challenge is a great opportunity for your child to engage with Reading Plus over the school holidays and enhance their reading skills and confidence.

Two prizes are to be won: 

Prize 1) The child with the most average reading stories on Reading Plus will win a £100 Book Voucher and a certificate. 

Prize 2) All submissions received for the Bingo Challenge will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will receive a £100 Book Voucher and a certificate. 

Bingo Challenge!

We invite your child to take part in several mini-reading challenges using the Bonus Challenge Bingo Resource. Please send a copy of your child’s completed sheet to getinvolved@readingsolutionsuk.com by Sunday, the 3rd of September, 2023. Terms and conditions apply. 

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