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What works… Is your reading programme proven by research to work?

Are you struggling to find a reading programme which will improve reading fluency?
Here's all the evidence you need to implement Reading Plus with confidence.

In the ever-evolving education technology landscape, finding a programme that works can be a challenge.

Many of our customers came to us looking for a solution as their previous programme didn’t deliver the results they needed.

Reading Plus was developed based on research and proven by studies to work.

‘What works’ showcases the measurable results schools will achieve with Reading Plus. We recently surveyed UK educators to delve deeper, and the results showed that the top three things teachers look for in a reading solution are:

  • Measurable results are a crucial factor when evaluating a reading software.
  • Proven effectiveness is the top priority when considering a reading scheme.
  • Adaptive learning paths are a crucial feature of a reading development programme.

1. Measurable results

42.1% of educators said they prioritise measurable results when evaluating reading software.

Guided by the most prominent reading and pedagogical research from the last 30 years, Reading Plus:

  • Makes it easy to track students’ progress in real-time, providing valuable insights into their growth and development.
  • Provides teachers with comprehensive progress data and skill-gap analysis to see which students are below, at, and above year-level expectations.
  • Has a built-in adaptive baseline assessment, which teachers can administer a further two times throughout the year to evidence impact.

2. Proven effectiveness

81% of schools said proven effectiveness is the top priority for improvement.

Reading Plus is proven to be a trusted and reliable reading development solution. Our programme has been validated through independent research studies, demonstrating significant gains in reading proficiency among students. From struggling readers to greater-depth students, Reading Plus adapts to meet the needs of every individual, ensuring access to high-quality instruction that maximises progress.

  • Derby Research School

    In an efficacy study with Derby Research School and Spencer Academies Trust, average results showed:

    • Students who used Reading Plus as a reading development tool made more significant progress in their reading ability than non-users.
    • Students eligible for pupil premium using Reading Plus made 97% more progress than students eligible for pupil premium in the control schools.

    Read the full report

  • Edtech Impact Alliance

    Education Alliance Finland evaluated the pedagogical design of Reading Plus and recognised our high educational quality aspects. They noted:

    • The variety of texts available for learners.
    • Its accessibility and ease of use.
    • Our learning methods and tools feel purpose-built and effective for strengthening reading skills.

    Read the full evaluation

  • Independent reviews

    “[Reading Plus] seems to be heavily evidence-informed and provides an opportunity to develop not just comprehension, but also reading fluency.” – Shareen Wilkinson, Education Consultant, Teacher, and Educational Author.

    “What strikes me about Reading Plus is it actually makes children read better. Not just in terms of exposure to different texts, but literally, read better.” – Adam Riches, Teacher and Writer.

    Read our independent reviews

3. Adaptive learning paths

Our survey also highlighted that 60% of educators stated that adaptive learning paths are crucial when considering reading development software. 

Reading Plus is designed to:

  • Continuously and dynamically monitor student performance using summative and formative assessments (reading rate measures and responses to comprehension questions).
  • Adjust the reading speed and content level to match each student’s progress.
  • Ensure students progress at their just-right levels and are matched with age-appropriate, high-quality texts.


Why Reading Plus works

InSight is a built-in adaptive assessment to meet the needs of all learners, including SEN, EAL, and greater-depth students. It reacts in real-time to the answers students provide.

The InSight Assessment results determine each student’s ability level in:

  • Reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary level.
  • Reading speed (words per minute).
  • Motivation for reading.

The results then automatically place students in the programme’s correct reading level.

To model good reading behaviour, students will see texts presented using the patented Guided Window feature. This tool:

  • Keeps their eyes focused on reading the relevant material.
  • Utilises a moving box – set at a speed just right for them.
  • Is adaptive and will increase in speed as students progress.

Reading Plus provides educators with reporting data at individual, class, school, and trust levels, making it easy to evidence impact for the trust, senior leaders, Ofsted, and parents/carers.

You can quickly access formative and summative progress data and identify students who require additional support or challenge – saving time and resources. Some of the available reports are:

  • Class use report and reading progress.
  • Class leaderboard report.
  • Student skills summary report (identify skills gaps in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension).

31.6% of educators prioritised student engagement when looking for a reading development programme.

Reading Plus offers a library of over 1,300 engaging and diverse choices of curated texts, spanning various genres and subjects to cater to every student’s interests and preferences that align with their reading proficiency level.

The texts are written specifically for Reading Plus based on the windows and mirrors model, reflect their own identities, experiences and motivations and also provide insight into the identities, experiences and motivations of others.

Why choose Reading Plus?

Reading Plus isn’t just another reading programme – thousands of schools achieve measurable results with our adaptive, online reading development programme. We don’t just teach students to read – we’re equipping them with the confidence and capabilities to excel as lifelong learners. We also provide educators with comprehensive progress data and skill-gaps analysis to support high-quality teaching.

Our Reading Development Consultants and Customer Support Team are always on hand to ensure you get the most out of the programme throughout your contract with us – for free!

They will help you with:


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Structured onboarding

A structured staff training plan is rolled out class-by-class or year group-by-year group, depending on your needs.

Customer support at Reading Solutions UK.

Ongoing free support

From demonstrating how to use Reading Plus to providing refresher training, we're here to help. We're just a phone call or email away during school hours.

What are the results of an online reading programme?

Tools to evidence impact

Teachers can access comprehensive reports of student, class, and school data. Our Customer Support Team sends regular progress reports to help you evidence results.

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Activities and challenges

Celebrations and competitions throughout the year to highlight students who go above and beyond with Reading Plus.

Try Reading Plus at no cost for four weeks!

Choosing a new reading programme is a big decision. That’s why you can try Reading Plus – with support from a dedicated Reading Development Consultant – at no cost for four weeks.

See for yourself how Reading Plus is different to other reading programmes.

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