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What's new on Reading Plus for 2021/22?

What’s new on Reading Plus for 2021/22?

For the new academic year, you will find a host of new features on Reading Plus that will benefit teachers and students alike. This is in response to customer feedback to enhance the user experience, making the online programme better than ever.

We’re pleased to announce the following 2021 back-to-school product updates, which include Google Classroom integration, beginner skills sheets, Social Emotional Learning writing prompts, and more.

Our latest innovations on Reading Plus:

Reading Plus integration with Google Classroom

In time for the 2021-22 school year, Reading Plus will be accessible from Google Classroom, simplifying the implementation process for teachers who use Google Classroom with their pupils.

You will be able to log in to Reading Plus directly from Google Classroom with no separate login credentials needed. In addition, class lists will be automatically synced from Google Classroom.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) writing prompts

To complement our current offering of SEL-based writing prompts integrated into the programme, we have created a new library of generic SEL writing prompts that can be used with any classroom text. These new prompts encourage pupils to deepen their understanding of SEL competencies as they strengthen their writing skills.

SEL writing prompts ask pupils to:

  • synthesize information about SEL with main ideas from the text.
  • define a specific SEL competency.
  • connect an SEL competency to the text.
  • connect the text to SEL competencies needed in their day-to-day lives.

Beginner skills sheets

Specifically designed for younger students at the lowest reading levels on the programme, and for those who will benefit from strengthening early comprehension skills, we are expanding our suite of skill-building worksheets.

These sheets will provide short, easy-to-read instruction and practice in targeted reading skills such as identifying explicit details, determining main ideas, and examining genres.

Worksheets include a tutorial and practice page with comprehension questions where pupils can apply what they have learned.

Platform uptime status page

Our robust new status page provides real-time details about our product’s uptime and rare downtime incidents. The page is a visual resource for administrators, technical staff, and teachers to quickly check the status of the Reading Plus applications.

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