Schoolgirl's wish for more texts about women acknowledged

Meet Eleanor, who inspired us to offer more texts on Reading Plus about inspirational women.

Eleanor from Front Street Community Primary School in Gateshead uses Reading Plus to develop her reading skills in school and at home.


Eleanor emailed wishing to see more texts on Reading Plus about women.

We listened to Eleanor’s request, and several texts about rebel girls and inspirational women have been added to the programme. Eleanor was delighted to hear that we acknowledged her request and took action. She tells us:

“I am very pleased to hear that more texts about inspirational women have been added to the Reading Plus programme because I think women should be recognised the same as men,and books are a very good way to spread the message to people all over the world.

“I have read a few of the new texts on inspirational women, all of which I enjoyed thoroughly. The text ‘Trailblazers in Science’ by Wangari Maathai, inspired me to be better to the environment and to work hard and believe in myself.”

Eleanor’s teacher, Jenny Howlitson, said:

“When Eleanor told us that she had contacted Reading Plus, and why, it was clear this is something she rightly feels passionate about. Eleanor had taken the initiative, which is to be commended. Following Reading Solutions UK’s response, we celebrated her success by sharing the story with the school in a virtual assembly.”

“The children enjoy Reading Plus, and we have seen improvements in reading speed and comprehension. They love receiving certificates for reaching targets, and like to discuss texts they have found interesting, particularly if they relate to what we are learning about in other lessons.”

Reading Development Consultant Jonny Bennett, said:

“We would like to thank Eleanor for bringing this to our attention. We are passionate about wanting to help children learn to love to read, and we know that by offering an array of different and engaging topics to read about, children are more likely to engage and find their passion for reading.”